[Recipe] Baked Chicken & Corn Risotto

Hello Monday! Yah, I know it’s hard to be enthusiastic about Monday but on the bright side, I had my Monday dinner sorted with leftover ready for packed lunch tomorrow.  Talk about efficient meal planning over here in Fuss Free Cooking HQ huh? Making risotto is something I would reserve to do on a Friday […]

Lemon & Thyme Chicken & A Giveaway

Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia My beloved and I have are like the biggest homebodies.  Even though Orange has many dining places to offer, our idea of “spending time together” involves a really nice home cooked meal and movies. Organising a romantic dinner does not need to be elaborate nor should it happen only on the […]

Bhel Puri

Okay, I may have gone through two packets these fabulous Indian snack called Bhel Puri in a span of two weeks. But who is counting right? If you wonder where did I manage to get a hold of such an authentic stuff, well, I’m happy to announce that we have OUR OWN INDIAN GROCERY STORE […]