Mini Pizzas with Homemade ‘Oaty’ Crust

While making bread at home is no big deal to some people, I still have this inexplainable reservation or maybe ‘fear’ towards making my own bread. I have had homemade breads many times, often generously gifted from friends.  I love the freshness in homemade breads and find them to be unexpectedly addictive. While I’m pretty […]

Make your own baking powder

I have been reading a book called Kitchen Science – A Guide to Knowing the Hows and Whys for Fun and Success in the Kitchen by Howard Hillman (I got mine from the library – 1989 edition). The beauty of this book is the facts are laid out in FAQ-style , so don’t expect it  […]

Roasted Pumpkin Brown Rice Salad

My past experiences with cooking brown rice have been unpleasant. Since I have been growing up to cooking rice using a rice cooker and not any other way, I’m not a fan of  methods which requires cooking rice over stove i.e absorption method. So I thought I could  do the same with brown rice. Coupled […]

Chicken Fajita Pasta

How’s your weekend?  Were you pre-occupied with to-do lists and finalising your menus for Thanksgiving? Honestly I’m having trouble deciding which the dishes will make the cut for the Thanksgiving party. One thing for sure, I’m holding on to Donna Hay’s polenta-crusted potatoes recipe. I’m confident these potatoes will be a hit. As my potato […]

Grilled Chicken Nibbles with Homemade Tangy Barbecue Sauce

There’s nothing more fulfilling than cooking from scratch and it gives me the sense of achievement that makes the whole cooking experience more enjoyable. I’ve always wanted to home-make my most-frequently-used sauces – ketchup and barbecue sauce, for some time now. Although having said that, laziness has been the reason I’ve been procrastinating and resorting […]

Spicy Basil Chicken (Gka-Prow Gai)

Normally I have a “benchmark” dish whenever I go to a restaurant that I haven’t been before. Say if I go to an Indian restaurant, I’ll always pick malai kofta (potota balls with cottage cheese in rich creamy gravy) as my benchmark dish and spicy basil chicken if I go to a Thai restaurant. So […]