Pantry Pumpkin Risotto

As strange as it sounds, as a self-proclaimed fuss free Emily doesn’t actually mind the stirring when it comes to making risotto. Whilst most people are looking for a no-stir recipe, I, on the other hand, find mindless repetitive motion to be therapeutic. The same reason I volunteered to do cherry sorting at my friend’s […]

Three Mushroom Ginger Chicken

Call me mushroom crazy but it is an ingredient I cannot live without. I have made dishes with mushrooms as the main attraction in the past, case in point here and here. I have a friend who hates mushrooms but it’s fine, we can still be friends. 😉 It could be the texture of cooked […]

Making Tomato Passata At Home

Italian food has gained a reputation being fresh, tasty and homemade with an emphasis on family style. I know an Italian family here in Orange who, I must say has been really generous to me. They have been showering me with fresh produce from their garden and sweet treats such as homemade crostoli and cannoli.  […]

Chinese Hot & Sour Soup With A Twist

My beloved is a fan of  Chinese restaurant styled soups. Chicken and corn soup and hot and sour soup are on top of his list. I know it’s very “spendthrift” of me to say that I don’t believe in spending money in ordering soup in a Chinese Restaurant unless it is herbal soup. In my personal opinion,  […]