Clarified Butter

{I could have done a better job in skimming the milk solids. Forgive me?} Those who don’t cooked with clarified butter don’t really know what they’ve been missing.  It’s called by different names depending on the countries you’re in (i.e. it is known as ghee in India and Pakistan). Regardless how you wish to call […]

Minced Chicken and Potato Curry

Cooking with mince is one of my favourite of ways of making fuss free meals. Generally, mince doesn’t require a lot of cooking time and quite affordable as compared to other meat varieties. For the most part, I love the flexibility of bulking it up with whataver ingredients i.e. pototoes, frozen peas and canned legumes etc. […]

Spicy Long Beans with Chicken

Okay, this long beans also known as snake beans. Call me paraonoid or overly self-conscious but since I’m Asian, I am somehow nervous about putting the word “snake” and stir fry in the same sentence (I get a lot of people asking me whether I have eaten dogs, snakes and some other predatorial animals that […]

Braised Chicken Rice

This is one of the popular Taiwanese cuisines called ru rou fan (Chinese translation for salted pork rice). Neither am I from Taiwan nor have ever visited the place, my knowledge about the Taiwanese cuisines is mostly sourced from my former housemate (who is also a foodie himself) and the local variety shows. I remember […]

Ginger, Lime & Honey Tea

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel warm and comfortable at home. Yes, we can have the best central heating and wood fire place in the world, but when I say warm I meant the warmth you receive from your life partner and children. I always count my blessing to have such an understanding and […]