Pineapple & Peas Pizza Toasts

Everyone has a favourite aunty/uncle in life.  Obviously they were the fun adults in our childhood. If they were as strict as our parents, they won’t be reigned as our favourite right? My favourite aunt, let’s call her Aunty S, is an avid baker. You know how sometimes adults try to force feed children with […]

Noodles with Chicken Eggy Sauce

Although it is still early to start thinking about Chinese New Year, I can’t help but reminisce about the dishes that I used to eat when I went back to my grandparents’ place for the occasion. One of the many dishes is Char Hor Fun which means stir-fry flat rice noodles in Mandarine – a […]

Ricotta Pancakes

I have developed a penchant for cheeses since childhood despite none of family shares the same passion as myself. My first taste of cheese platter was when my mum took me to a French restaurant for a three course meal that came with a buffet of appetizers. Mesmerized by the vast selection of cheeses on […]